Heart of Homeschool Registration

Whether you’ve always homeschooled your children

or you were recently pushed into homeschooling

this is for you!

Heart Schooling helps your home thrive by:

  • Giving practical how to’s that match the true principles you live by
  • Teaching parents what they need to know to set up a calm and inviting home culture
  • Sharing deep understanding of education, human nature, and best learning practices
  • Inspiring parents to inspire their children

Two FREE Resources For Heart Schooling:

Date & Time

March 28

8:40 am to 4:15 pm


This event in the spirit of current events is FREE

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If you are ready for a home or heart recharge, this is a day you won’t want to miss.

Come hear celebrated speakers share their tried and true tips for strengthening your home and homeschool journey.

We will discuss everything from math to manners, and from sibling rivalry to inspiring great learning.