Emily Dyke

The daughter of a revered elementary teacher, Emily too found her passion in education. After teaching high school math, she began working with homeschoolers who wanted more out of math than becoming calculators.

She founded Math Inspirations to help parents use the Discovery Method to create amazing math experiences in their homes. Emily is living her dream in Boise of being an incredible wife, a homeschool mom to four amazing kids and using Math Inspirations to empower homeschooling families around the world.


Overcoming Math Anxiety to Create an Extraordinary Math Experience

Hey wonderful parents!

  • Are you worried that your kids are behind or falling behind in math? 
  • Do you wonder how you can teach math, especially if you are less than confident about your own math abilities? 
  • Are you tired of your kids complaining about having to do math each day? 
  • Are you worried that even if your kids can do math they aren’t really thinking? 
  • Do you wonder if there is any reason to learn math other than preparing your kid to go back to school or take some test someday?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need this class! Come ready to overcome your math anxieties by transforming your understanding of what math really is and your role as the math mentor in your home (Psst. It’s not to be the dispenser of all math knowledge in your home. Phew!) Come learn how to help you and your kids love math and become confident and powerful thinkers. Come learn how you can do this in your home, no matter what curriculum you are using. It’s time to create the math program you really want.