Monica Irvine

Monica Irvine, President and creator of The Etiquette Factory, LLC, is a master motivator and dedicated instructor who loves to help children and adults see the benefits and rewards of having proper etiquette, mastering professionalism and excelling in social skills. As a Certified Etiquette Instructor and Life Coach and working in the hospitality industry for 29
years, Mrs. Irvine specializes in etiquette and professional instruction to help ensure the success of each individual both personally and professionally.

Mrs. Irvine is the published author of five books on etiquette
including Etiquette for Beginners, Etiquette Intermediate,
Etiquette Masters, A Dating Guide for Ladies & Gentlemen
and Raising a Generation of Ladies and Gentlemen as well as
The Etiquette Factory Storybook Series including 15 storybooks for children. She is also the author of the book, A Schedule Makes for a Happy Family . Mrs Irvine is a national speaker, speaking to thousands of parents, educators, professionals and children every year.

Residing in Knoxville, TN with her husband, this retired homeschool teacher, spends her free time enjoying the outdoors of East Tennessee and spending time with her family of three boys and two granddaughters.


The Power of Parental Authority

So, I don’t want to offend, but parents, we are seeing entirely too many families where the children seem to be leading the family instead of mom and dad leading the family.

Do you have children that tell you, “No?” Do you have children that you spend hours trying to convince them to do something you’ve asked? Do you find yourself giving in to your child’s request even though deep down, you don’t really want to?

Don’t beat yourself up. We’ve all been guilty of this at one time or another, however it’s time to stop. We’re not helping our children when this behavior is common in our home, instead we’re actually hurting them.

Come and listen to motivational speaker, Monica Irvine, as she helps unravel this tendency and give great insight on how we can regain our parental authority. It truly can change the direction of your child’s life.

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