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Thriving Amidst the Crisis: Free Family Webinar

Each new day brings news of more changes that affect our families. Institutions we’ve depended on have shut their doors. We’re supposed to keep our distance from others. Basic supplies are disappearing from stores. Businesses and jobs feel uncertain. People are getting sick. And natural disasters continue to occur. The combination of these things can create stress for children and parents. 

We don’t need to live in stress.
We can thrive amidst any crisis as families.

Class starts Saturday at 10 am MT / Noon Eastern


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I’ve had my children home every day for nearly 23 years of my life. Being quarantined doesn’t feel much different to me. The Peck family knows how to have an enriching family environment even if we can’t ever leave home. Because I know this is a difficult time for families all over the world, who aren’t used to being trapped at home, I’d like to share some things you can do to bring your home culture alive; to make home the best place on earth, instead of a prison that fosters contention and boredom.

Join me Saturday at 10:00 Mountain time for this FREE Zoom conference.

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